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Do you know you almost lost your member voting rights in 2015? Only because Save SF Bike saved your right to vote are you allowed to vote for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Board of Directors this year.

Our vision for the SF Bicycle Coalition:

  • Preserve member voting rights
  • Reverse the decline in membership
  • Foster and support member activism
  • Encourage broad participation by members
  • Create a diverse and transparent board of directors

Collaboration among members, staff, and board is the fastest way to achieve safer streets for everyone.
Vote Now   to elect Save SF Bike’s slate of candidates to the eight open seats on the fifteen-member SF Bicycle Coalition Board of Directors. Voting is open through December 4, 2016.

Why Save SF Bike Is Asking for Your Vote:

Save SF Bike believes that the success of our SF Bicycle Coalition arises from its grassroots legitimacy and democratic structure. That’s why Save SF Bike—members just like you—organized last year to defeat a misguided proposal to eliminate member voting rights. Thanks to Save SF Bike and our supporters, member voting rights were safeguarded and members continue to elect the SFBC board of directors.

Save SF Bike candidates seek to engage, empower, and expand SFBC membership and to protect and cultivate our vital grassroots activist heritage. As we face the economic and social impact of a Trump presidency, it is likely that federal funds to progressive programs for improving alternative transportation infrastructure will be dramatically reduced. It’s never been more important to bolster the already politically powerful voice of the SFBC with an engaged and empowered membership. Now is the time to more explicitly include, listen to, and project the voices of people of color, immigrants, the poor, LGBTQ people, and other at-risk groups.

The SF Bicycle Coalition is the largest member-based, political organization in San Francisco. The Save SF Bike-endorsed candidates bring a balanced mix of skills and experience to make the organization more democratic, powerful, inclusive, and responsive. That is why Save SF Bike is asking for your vote for the eight Save SF Bike-endorsed candidates. Look for the [S] on the ballot.

You can vote through December 4. If you have already voted, thank you.

Save SF Bike

Board members Shirley Johnson and Mary Kay Chin recommend that you vote for the Save SF Bike slate.

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