SFBC Board Makes Surprise Appointment

In case you missed it, the January 12th Biker Bulletin included an announcement that the SFBC Board had appointed Vanessa Christie to fill the vacancy created when Jean Fraser resigned. The announcement did not provide details on the appointment process, and no information has been posted on sfbike.org/news. However in a subsequent discussion on the sfbike riseup.net email list, Board Secretary Deep Jawa said the appointment was made at the December board meeting, in the middle of the recent board election, but it was not announced until January!

Vanessa clearly seems to be a passionate member of the bike community, but we are disappointed by the lack of any opportunity for member input on this appointment. Despite being able to appoint a candidate voted for by the members in the recent Board election, the Board chose to ignore member input. There was no opportunity for members to give input on the appointment or apply for the position. Save SF Bike once again calls for the Board to provide more transparency on their actions and more opportunities for members to give meaningful input on the future of this organization we all love so much.