January 26 SFBC Board Meeting

Tuesday night is the first SFBC Board meeting of the year:

Tuesday, January 26, 2016, 6:30–8:30pm
SFBC Headquarters, 1720 Market Street at Valencia

The first item on the agenda is a Board election results recap:

  • Board candidates who did not receive over 50% – The bylaws state that candidates must receive over 50% to be elected to the board, but only four candidates received a majority. That means the board can appoint the three candidates who received the most votes in the election (that would be Jennifer Fox, Mary Kay Chin, and Lisa Fisher), or they can call a special election to fill the seats. Note that the board can only appoint three board members per calendar year, so if they make three appointments tomorrow, they would not be able to appoint any more board members in 2016 if there were additional vacancies.
  • Vote verification – Shirley Johnson has requested the board allow for an independent verification of the election results. Shirley plans to propose that the results be verified by three inspectors of election. One suggestion would be that the LoveSFBC slate, the Save SF Bike slate, and the independent candidate each select a member of their choice for this role.

***Let the Board Know What You Think***

Can you attend Tuesday’s board meeting? This is your chance to let the Board know we want them to do more to promote transparency and member involvement. If you can’t make it, you can email the board at boardpresident@sfbike.org and board@sfbike.org. Please consider addressing these three points:

  1. The Board needs to overhaul their process for filling vacancies on the board to allow for meaningful member input.
  2. To promote transparency and member confidence, the Board should call for an independent verification of the recent board election.
  3. And let the board know how you think they should fill the three vacancies on the board. Should they appoint the three candidates who received the most votes in the election, or should they call for a special election?