3/22 SFBC Board meeting: member survey and board transparency

This Tuesday, March 22nd is the monthly meeting of the SF Bike Coalition Board of Directors.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
6:30 – 8:30 pm
SFBC HQ, 1720 Market Street at Valencia
The Agenda is posted here.

In particular, we are interested in two items on the agenda:

  1. Discussion on the Member Survey questions on privacy
  2. Vote on disclosing board votes in meeting minutes

If you’re free Tuesday evening, please join us to speak about these issues, or you can email your comments to the board at board@sfbike.org.

1. Discussion on the Member Survey questions on privacy

Thanks to all of you who contacted the board to express your concerns about the Member Survey. It looks like we got their attention! The board will be discussing the two questions that we are concerned could be used to support efforts to rerun the bylaw vote to eliminate member elections of the Board of Directors. We have heard from several board members that they were not aware of these questions before the survey went out, and that the survey questions were all written by staff.

Since our last email, the Board has posted a blog post that says they will not call for a vote on member voting rights in 2016!

We will be attending the Board meeting to say the following:

  • Thank them for their decision not to rerun bylaw vote this year,
  • Ask them to delete the two controversial questions from the member survey,
  • And ask them to conduct a separate process to review the many pending questions about SFBC’s governance and elections.

2. Vote on disclosing board votes in meeting minutes

Board member Shirley Johnson has proposed that the meeting minutes indicate which board members voted for and against items when there are split votes. We’re surprised to learn that this isn’t already the case, and it seems strange that this even needs to be debated! But hopefully this will be another step forward in enacting Save SF Bike’s platform of improving transparency and rebuilding trust in the SFBC board.