Save SF Bike Logo

Save SF Bike formed in 2015 to save your right to vote for the SFBC Board of Directors and uphold a democratic, member-driven San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. Since then, the Bike Coalition has recommitted to members’ voting rights.

We are encouraged by all of the progress the Coalition has made over the last three years:

  • A new strategic plan that sets ambitious goals for fostering member activism
  • A more diverse and transparent Board of Directors
  • Greater member participation in the last three Board of Directors elections
  • The implementation of ranked choice voting for board elections
  • A fully staffed Bicycle Coalition with a balanced budget

Thank you to everyone who supported us over the years! We are glad to say that we no longer feel that the Coalition is in need of “saving.” We encourage you to remain active and engaged members of the Bicycle Coalition. Some of us are continuing on with efforts to build a more effective and open coalition with a new group, called SFBC Momentum. Join us!