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Election of the SF Bicycle Coalition Board of Directors
Voting ended on Friday, February 16, 2018. Thank you for voting!
Instructions for Ranked Choice Voting
We recommend ranking all candidates in order of preference. To learn more, scroll down to frequently asked questions about voting with ranked choice voting (RCV).
Voting Recommendation
We sent a questionnaire to all candidates about inclusion, member involvement, and governance issues. Our rankings below are based on candidates’ responses, board diversity, and board meeting attendance.

2018 Board Candidate Questionnaire


Membership Tenure
Supports Member-Elected Board of Directors
Supports Term Limits for DirectorsBelieves Board Diversity Is ImportantBelieves Long-term Coalition Building Is ImportantSupports Fostering Member-Led AdvocacySupports Member Participation in Decision Making
Rank HighestShirley Johnson*
17 years
Strongly AgreeRank Highest
Mary Kay Chin*
10 years
AgreeStrongly AgreeAgree
Rank HighlyDana Seabury
6 years
Strongly AgreeRank Highly
Jean Kao
11 years
Strongly Agree
Preston Rhea
4 years
Strongly Agree
Kelli Shields
10 years
AgreeStrongly AgreeAgree
Rank HighJohn Beckmann
10 years
Strongly AgreeAgreeStrongly AgreeAgreeRank High
Matt Wisniewski
7 years
AgreeStrongly AgreeAgreeNeutral
Robin Abad Ocubillo
11 years
Chose Not to Respond
Bekki Bolthouse
8 years
Marie Jonas
7 years
Jane Natoli
1 year
Andy Thornley*
14 years
Abigail Tinker
9 years
* Incumbent
Save SF Bike invited all candidates to complete a questionnaire, summarized above. The questionnaire was emailed to all 14 candidates on January 18, and the 12 candidates who attended the candidate information session on January 22 were additionally given a paper copy. Of the six candidates who did not respond before the SFBC member meeting on January 31, the five who attended were given another copy of the questionnaire that evening. Our voting recommendation is based on the complete responses available here.

We thank the candidates who shared their opinions and we appreciate their timely response. We want SFBC leaders who are responsive to members’ questions and concerns! We are unable to recommend rankings for candidates who have not yet responded, however belated responses are welcome and will be published here.

SFBC Board-recommended Candidates
The SFBC Board of Directors recommends all candidates except two: Marie Jonas, who applied for board recommendation but did not receive it, and Preston Rhea, who decided to run after the application deadline for board recommendation.
Learn More about All Candidates

Incumbent Candidates’ Voting Record
Three incumbents are running for re-election. Here’s how they voted at past board meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Voting with RCV

How do I mark my RCV ballot?
Rank the candidates in order of preference: select 1 for your most preferred candidate, 2 for your next most preferred candidate, and so on.
How many candidates should I rank? Do I have to rank all of them?
You may rank as many or as few candidates as you wish.
Should I rank only the candidates I like? Only those I really like?
We recommend ranking all candidates, even those you prefer not to win. Ranking more candidates will increase the effectiveness of your ballot in deciding who the winners will be.
What happens if I don’t rank all of the candidates?
Any candidates that you don’t rank are effectively treated as being tied as your least preferred candidates. If you rank only some of the candidates, you are effectively abstaining from any decision between the candidates you did not rank.
Can ranking a less preferred candidate help to defeat my more preferred candidates?
No. Your ballot will count for your less preferred candidate only after each of your more preferred candidates has been elected or defeated. There is no advantage to withholding rankings from less preferred candidates.
What if there are several candidates for which I can’t decide my preferences?
Consider learning more about those candidates so you can complete your preferences. Ask yourself: if the decision for being a winner came down to a choice between just these candidates, which one would I prefer to be on the board? If you still can’t decide, it is still your option to not rank them.
I don’t think my most preferred candidate can win. Should I instead rank a candidate that I think has a higher chance of winning as my first choice?
Just sincerely rank the candidates in your order of preference. With ranked choice voting, you don’t have to guess what other voters will do or guess which candidates will be elected and defeated. If your most preferred candidate is defeated, your vote will be automatically counted for the candidate that has become your most preferred candidate from among those that have not yet been elected or defeated.

About Save SF Bike

Save SF Bike was formed in 2015 to uphold a democratic, member-driven San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. We seek to strengthen our SFBC to promote more powerful and effective bicycle advocacy.
Our vision for the SF Bicycle Coalition:

  • Strengthen member voting rights
  • Expand and diversify member base
  • Foster and support member activism
  • Support broad participation by members
  • Create a diverse and transparent board of directors

Collaboration among members, staff, and board is the fastest way to achieve safer streets for everyone.

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Join or renew your SFBC membership. If you were an SFBC member on January 21, 2018, you are eligible to vote in this year’s board election. If you missed the date, join now to support a strong SFBC and vote next year!
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