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A hearty congratulations to those elected to the SFBC board of directors in 2018: Shirley Johnson, Andy Thornley, Mary Kay Chin, Robin Abad Ocubillo, Jean Kao, Jane Natoli, and Marie Jonas. Detailed election results are available on the SFBC website .


About Save SF Bike

Save SF Bike was formed in 2015 to uphold a democratic, member-driven San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. We seek to strengthen our SFBC to promote more powerful and effective bicycle advocacy.
Our vision for the SF Bicycle Coalition:

  • Strengthen member voting rights
  • Expand and diversify member base
  • Foster and support member activism
  • Support broad participation by members
  • Create a diverse and transparent board of directors

Collaboration among members, staff, and board is the fastest way to achieve safer streets for everyone.

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